The Women’s Circuit Monthly meeting

February 23, 2008

It’s cold outside so we’re going to heat things up. Think flip flops,
umbrella drinks and sunshine; then get ready for some fun as we take a
virtual trip to the Tropics. We all know that our best business
connections are some of our biggest treasures. We thrive through each
others knowledge, experiences, resources, colleagues, friends and

Learn how to build you own net-worth as Paula Sellars, VP of Phoenix
Possibilities shares some valued networking tips and techniques as she
escorts us through an evening Treasure Hunt where everyone is
guaranteed to leave as a winner.

Thursday, February 28th
Hosted @ Neal’s
7770 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
refreshment provided

Members are encouraged to bring your friends and Non-members are
Please RSVP at


The Rise of the CCO

February 21, 2008

The CTO position has grown in visibility over the last 10 years and become more closely tied to that of the CEO. It is understandable, then, that many customer advocates are wondering when — or whether — the CCO, another relatively new C-level executive position, will make that leap.
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10 Small Business Technologies That Just Plain Work

February 21, 2008

There are things in life that just work as promised. Refrigerators.
Clock radios. Flattery. Children’s Motrin. FEMA. Velcro. Blue jeans.
Big Macs. “Seinfeld.” Jack Daniel’s. These things make me happy. They
consistently do their job. They do not inconvenience me. Except for
FEMA — that’s the Federal Emergency Management Agency. I’m just kidding
about that one.
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