Do Brands Belong on Twitter?

Behind every Twitter account is a person. But some of these people ‘hide’ behind organizational brands, obscuring their persona and therefore reducing authenticity and transparency.

While some brands do a decent job of engaging people on Twitter, many don’t, and one could further argue that brand names and logos, as opposed to full names and user images, are not in the spirit of the Twitterverse.

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One Response to Do Brands Belong on Twitter?

  1. Rob Bunting says:

    Good article Sue, thanks for posting. Twitter is the hottest topic in Internet marketing right now as it has exploded in popularity and companies & brands try to figure out whether or not they should be on Twitter and if so, how. In my opinion companies should first take some time to investigate and understand about the cultural norms and “rules of the road” of each web 2.0 service or community before jumping in. If a company truly wants to engage in a dialogue with their stakeholders (i.e. Twitter followers) they may be a good fit for Twitter. If companies just want to use Twitter as an outlet for PR, they likely will fail.

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