Attract More Customers With Six SEO Copywriting Strategies For Your Corporate Blog

Writing for your company’s blog should be done with one focus in mind, conversion. But to get that, you need to write with a purpose and follow industry-standard SEO copywriting techniques.

> Headlines  Google loves headlines that are search engine optimized. When you write a headline, use keywords in a promise that communicates exactly what the post delivers. 

Opening Paragraph Not only do you want people to read your content, but you want Google to read it too. So, you should repeat target keywords in the opening sentence.

> Put Keywords In Your Subheading Use subheads because they break up longer entries and introduce new material to readers.

> Remember Your Human Readers Count Most  Good copy should have variety to it. So don’t over use keywords. Find synonyms or different phrases to make your writing enjoyable to read, because search engine algorithms are sophisticated enough to recognize properly contextualized words that support your targeted keywords.

> Show Don’t Tell Cut the adjectives and hype from your writing, and stick to Noun/Verb construction written in active voice. Keep your message simple, clear  — concise.

> Call To Action You want readers to do something with the copy they read. You want conversion from your time and effort. So you need a compelling call to action.

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