Improve your email open rates

Whatever email open rates you get in your email marketing software or service reports, you obviously want to improve. Since the open rate is a measure of success, improving open rates is simply about doing better email marketing.

And that’s a giant subject.

So here’s a list of the main things to consider to get those stats up.

1. Improve overall strategy and approach

Adopting best practices in all aspects of your email marketing produces sustainable, significant improvements in all success measures. A commitment to professional permission-based email marketing practice is your best long-term hope of raising open rates.

2. Improve deliverability

The more emails get delivered, the better chance you have of people actually looking at them. No changes to the actual email itself will help if they never land in the right inbox.

3. Refine sign-up procedures and targeting

Reader interest in your emails depends on how targeted your audience are. The better you target, the more likely you are to plunk your email in front of someone who is interested in the contents (i.e. higher open rates).


Short-term efforts

1. Subject lines and other headers

The subject line is probably the single most important in-email element that drives open rates. Bad subject lines, poor open rates. Good subject lines, good open rates.

2. Timing

Open rates will vary for the same email sent on different days or at different times of the day.

3. Frequency

Send too much email and people lose interest. Send too little email…and people lose interest.

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