CEOs’ Take on Twitter

January 4, 2009

Microblogging site Twitter is the latest tech tool to enter the C-suite. Whether they are broadcasting quick company updates, sharing a personal side of their lives with employees, or networking with other executives, plenty of CEOs have begun to make tweets part of their daily routine. And it’s not just the Silicon Valley crowd—chief executives in marketing, publishing, and retail are also populating the site.

The best chief executives are nothing if not efficient, and what’s more efficient than 140-character memos?

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The Brain Selects Brands the Way Google Selects Websites

January 4, 2009

A new study indicates that the brain selects brands from people’s memory according to a number of predictable unconscious rules.

Firstly, the brain selects the brand it has learned is best able to satisfy our biological and cultural goals. We unconsciously select the brand that is the most uniquely rewarding, based on its associations with our goals and the brain’s reward centers.

Secondly, the brain selects the brand that has shown most frequently in the past that it is able to fulfill these needs. Coherent brands that repeat their promise are more likely to be chosen. 

Thirdly, the brain selects the brand it has interacted with most intensely in the past. Brand participation creates numerous new connections in our brain, facilitating that brand’s retrieval.

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