5 Article Types a Business Blog Should Not Contain

A blog is the most common social tool by which we try to connect with others or interact with our customers or market our products and/or services. Blogs can be personal or meant to represent our business in front of our clients. In this article we will concentrate on business blogs and what type of articles you should not write under any circumstances on your business blog.

1. Don’t write articles that talk bad things about your competition or a similar product from your competition

2. Don’t write articles that start with “sorry for not posting lately” or “this is my first time when doing this so be gentle with me”

3. Don’t write articles in which you are saying “my opinion on this is…” or “what I think of …” or “I think that…”

4. Don’t write articles that depicts small talk – “what I did this morning and what I had for breakfast” kinda thing –

5. Don’t write articles that are not related to your market niche 

A business blog should represent a company, its products and services and help the marketing process. It should not be about personal things and personal opinions. It has to be all about the company and what they are trying to sell.

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One Response to 5 Article Types a Business Blog Should Not Contain

  1. Daniel Berch says:

    Good rules to keep in mind. Blogs can be a great way to connect with customers on a more personal level.


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