Most Small Businesses Fear Search Engine Marketing

January 30, 2009

If you’re a traditional small business chances are you realize the potential benefits the Internet can possibly bring. You’ve spent years building your in-store sales and spent countless hours working on plans to drive foot traffic to your store. But what about online? You know the opportunity is there, but something’s holding you back. 

A good majority of small businesses are still weary of creating a presence online mostly because of fear of the unknown. Worse, many of these small businesses are lost when it comes to online marketing. They need help with understanding marketing to the online crowds. According to a new survey by Microsoft, more than half of all small businesses with an online presence aren’t doing any kind of paid search marketing because of a variety of reasons.

The survey goes on to report that those small business that ARE doing paid search marketing are actually very satisfied and happy with their results (higher than 70 percent).

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