10 Principles of Social Media

The 10 Core Principles of Social Media:
Associations are inherently good – Knowing more people expands opportunity and conversation.

Information wants to be free – Free society runs on free information. Information hoarding is the enemy of discourse and growth.

Economies have currencies – All economies trade on specialized currencies.

Decentralization is freedom – Decentralized power structures spur creativity, growth, and innovation.

Rules beget rules – The more rules you have, the more rules you make.

Karma is real – You give more, you get more.

Context is Fluid – How you view an object today will be different tomorrow. Don’t destroy tomorrow’s value.

Immediacy in all things – Strike while the iron is hot. Eat when the food is fresh.

Communication is blood – Communication is the river upon which information flows.

Findability is power – Unfindable information or people are irrelevant.

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One Response to 10 Principles of Social Media

  1. Jim Benson says:

    Hi Sue, thanks so much for picking up on the 10 principles. I’m currently writing a book about these, so if you have any field stories about how you might have applied them, I’d love to hear them.

    Hope all is well.

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