WSJ: Business Solutions – Smart Ways to Cut Costs

Dave Hatter of Libertas Technologies posted a great article on his blog from the Wall Street Journal – Smart Ways to Cut Costs.

“This article is absolutely correct, technology when applied wisely and through the prism of return-on-investment, payback period, cost savings and revenue generation can have a huge impact on a the bottom line of a company.”

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One Response to WSJ: Business Solutions – Smart Ways to Cut Costs

  1. Pam Nintrup says:

    This is a very good article, however, in my experience, many organizations try to automate bad processes. In other words, they don’t take the time upfront to refine and test their processes to make sure they are doing things in the most efficient way prior to automating them. This causes very expensive and many times, unsuccessful, IT projects. Getting the process right first defines the requirements so clearly that there’s no question about what’s needed to automate and save money in an organization. While many folks would rather jump to a technology solution, getting the process right first pays back huge dividends in the time necessary to define requirements and the resulting technology projects.

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