50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

We really can’t deny the fact that businesses are testing out Twitter as part of their steps into the social media landscape. You can say it’s a stupid application, that no business gets done there, but there are too many of us  that can disagree and point out business value.

Here are a few highlights from the 50 ideas:

First Steps

– Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your space.

Ideas About WHAT to Tweet

– Instead of answering the question, “What are you doing?”, answer the question, “What has your attention?”

– Ask questions. Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions.

– Follow interesting people. If you find someone who tweets interesting things, see who she follows, and follow her.

– Share the human side of your company. If you’re bothering to tweet, it means you believe social media has value for human connections. Point us to pictures and other human things.

Some Sanity For You

– You don’t have to read every tweet.

– 3rd party clients like Tweetdeck and Twhirl make it a lot easier to manage Twitter.

– Commenting on others’ tweets, and retweeting what others have posted is a great way to build community.

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