Build a Small Powerful Network on Twitter

So, what if you had the templates to building a small but powerful network? Here’s some ideas on this:

1. First, think about your goals in 2009. Build the network with two purposes on mind: how you can achieve your goals, and how you can help others achieve theirs.

2. You need authentication in a network. Start with a blog as a home base. Make it such that your about page tells people lots about you.

3. It doesn’t hurt to have a picture of YOU on the blog, as this will deal with building a trusted network.

4. Start a Google Doc spreadsheet with the following fields: name, twitter ID, cell, capabilities, notes. Think of this as your routing table, your database of records of where resources reside.

5. Ask some probing questions on Twitter. If no one responds, ask again. See if there’s interest out there. What you’re doing at this point is sending out a signal that you’re looking for resources.

6. Use Twitter Search to find some like-minded people. Work at this. Try all different kinds of queries until you find the right response.

8. Send @ messages to these types of people. Ask them if they want to talk about collaborating.

9. Invite them to your document, if you want. Let them share the resources. Get them into the mix.

10. From here, collaborate. Figure out how you can helpful. Understand each other’s needs, and share the resources. Try to build your goals and businesses together.

In 2009, you need your networks. It is not a solo act.

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