7 Tips of How to Write Good Blog Titles

Every blog post has a title. It doesn’t matter how good or how bad you are creating the title of your article in the end you’ll end up with something. What I’m trying to stress out in this article is the importance of a well written title and it’s big role in obtaining better Google ranking and also being the main element that could make the readers click on your article. That’s right : the title is the most important element of an article. Learn how to create a good one and you solved the biggest part of the equation and that is getting people to click on your content.

Why the title of an article plays such a big role
Now days many blog readers don’t even go to the blogs they like : they simply have RSS readers and receive the titles and a snippet from the latest articles on every blog they are tracking.

What is the purpose of the title
Simply put, a title should determine the reader to click on the article and read the first paragraph. This first paragraph is also called the introductory paragraph in which you basically create a small summary of the entire article. So in essence what you express in the title should be also found in your first paragraph.

7 Rules of thumb for great titles

You can create the most extraordinary article in the world containing the secret of the holly grail. If you can’t create a proper title for your article that would rise people’s curiosity your article will just be one of the millions that appear every day.

1. Promise some kind of benefit( State clearly what you offer)

2. If possible begin with a number : starting with a number will transmit a clear thing about how many things you can learn if you read the article.

3.Your titles should transmit something different : in some way you’ll have to create an interesting title

4. A call to action title : if you ask people to take an action , to do something and you also promise a benefit

5. Use the words that get readers click : there are certain words that will increase your chances of getting your title to be clicked.

6. If possible use the name of a well known person that is in some way related to the theme of the article: that is something that can get your article to be read.

7. How to or How not to articles : using both the positive as well the negative form of this type of articles can let you explore different angles and sometimes a how not to … could be more interesting.

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