Facebook for Business

Facebook has been predominantly a personal social network, but that hasn’t stopped businesses and their proactive marketing and sales teams from adapting its existing features to suit their networking and promotional needs. As their own networks of business contacts grow friend by friend, so too does the site’s B2B community as a whole, and the opportunity for interactive marketers to target it.

Among the opportunities and benefits of Facebook for Business:
1. Meet your peers                   6. Develop your personal brand
2. Find business contacts     7. Target your niche
3. Instant gate opener            8. Search engine visibility
4. Build relationships            9. Place targeted ads
5. Raise visibility                  10. No cost marketing

Apps for doing business on Facebook
+ Blog Promotion – Using Networked Blog app, your blog show up in your profile or in your boxes tab and displays your blog.  Another app is Simplaris Blogcast which is a simple and quick way to put he title of your blog post and a link into your feed.

+ Business / Self Promotion
– Professional Profile let’s you create a tab on your profile for all of your professional contacts, information and activities.  This is very useful if you want o separate the two side of yourself.  Testimonials are a great way to build the value of your company.  IEndorse allows Facebook contact to endorse your company.  Posted Items, which is already installed on Facebook,  allows you to share anything you find on the internet by posting to your profile.  Videos, blogs, or even articles.
+ Networking – My LinkedIn profile creates a badge from you LinkedIn Profile that gets displayed on your Facebook profile.
+ Update Facebook easily– Download the app for Blackberry or iphone to makes updates and have the ability to make updates from your mobile device.


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