How to downsize your social network portfolio

Advice on slimming down the number of social media services you participate in so you can spend quality time on the ones you keep

Social bookmarking keeper: Delicious

Social bookmarking services are extremely handy when you want to remember a site at a later time, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. In fact, Delicious, the leader in the space, easily sets itself apart from competitors like Ma.gnolia, Diigo, and ZigTag by boasting a better interface, more users, and better tagging, which makes it easier to find and share bookmarks.

Micro-blogging keeper: Twitter

The sheer number of users who comment each day on Twitter makes it the best choice for your social-networking portfolio. If you want to be a part of a community that’s both lively and engaging, you won’t find it anywhere else but on Twitter. And now that it’s more reliable and the Fail Whale is an occasional annoyance instead of a daily occurrence, Twitter has become an even more compelling service.

News Aggregation keeper: Reddit

Trying to find the ideal news aggregator on the Web can be difficult. Depending on your definition, there’s conceivably hundreds of services that package the best stories into one page. But it’s the “social” news aggregation services, like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon that lead the pack. And although Digg is the most popular service in that grouping, I’m a firm believer that Reddit deserves to stay in your portfolio as your chosen news aggregation service.

Social Network keeper: Facebook

Why choose Facebook when MySpace is still the world’s most popular social network? It’s simple: Facebook doesn’t have the awful design found on MySpace profile pages, offers a huge, engaged community, and most importantly, it’s growing at a rapid rate, which means all those friends who still hang out at Friendster, LiveJournal, or even MySpace are starting to make their way to Facebook.

Video site keeper: YouTube

Maybe YouTube is the safe choice for the only social video site you should keep in your network portfolio, but I simply don’t see how anyone can choose anything else.

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