Social Networking or Social Notworking?

How do you make sure you’re networking, instead of notworking?

With today’s social media — especially sites with lots of interactivity and immediate feedback such as Twitter — you can easily get caught up in chatting and surfing. It’s a constant mental interruption. Before you know it, you’ve squandered a couple of perfectly good hours of prime workday.

For small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, it’s become an especially sticky problem. We convince ourselves that online networking is important for marketing. It is not just personal, we tell ourselves. It is BUSINESS. However, in the terrestrial world, no business owner does marketing all day long to the exclusion of other activities. Sometimes we’re just kidding ourselves.

Setting goals gives you a clearer sense of purpose to your daily activities. Your social networking activities will take on a greater sense of purpose than ever before, once you set goals. Your goals and sense of purpose will guide you in determining what to spend time on each day. But without goals, you’ll soon be adrift, like a boat without a rudder or sails, enjoying the interaction on Twitter, but not getting much done for your business.

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