Getting Customer Information Out of the Virtual Shoebox

Successfully leveraging an organization’s collective knowledge has been
an aspirational goal for decades, but many companies have deemed the
effort as a “mission impossible” after investing time and money into
these projects. Companies have fallen short in helping a distributed
workforce apply knowledge to improve their business execution.

Converting Data Into Knowledge
The effort required to attain higher levels of business value may be easier than many organizations realize. Regardless of a company’s size or industry focus, there are four main steps to take:

Minimize Information Overload
The business problem to overcome is to provide relevant information that is in context and meaningful for each staffer, sales rep, customer service agent, and reseller — in effect, anyone in a company’s value chain.

Fill the Information Gaps
Capture information and get it into physical knowledge bases

Deliver Knowledge Wherever It Can Be Leveraged
Breaking out of the CRM shoebox is to offer the expert knowledge to end users in any system they work from.

Encourage a Collaborative Culture
Organizations have the component capabilities at their disposal; they just need to create an incentive structure to facilitate the behavior.’

By putting these recommendations into action, organizations transform their data and repositories into actionable knowledge for their staff. The value of the knowledgebase grows exponentially with each use.

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