Top Performers Use Five Battle-Ready Marketing Tools

The dismal state of the economy is causing companies everywhere to reassess their marketing budgets to ensure that they’re allocating their limited marketing funds in the most productive ways possible. In many cases, this means curtailing, postponing or even eliminating previously planned marketing expenditures.

#1: Email marketing software: When it comes to delivering relevant and cost-effectiveness marketing messages, no vehicle can beat email.

#2: Lead management software: Automated lead management and qualification technology use lead quality definitions to automatically prioritize leads, improving conversion rates and allocating resources more efficiently.

#3: Asset management system: Digital asset management solutions integrate with collateral customization and marketing automation technologies to provide seamless asset management through content distribution workflow.

#4: Marketing dashboard: Marketing dashboards, which provide a single digital display for tracking and measuring marketing performance, have become a necessary tool for optimizing marketing spend.

5: Marketing automation software: Marketing automation software, which includes campaign and channel management tools.

In the end, companies have no choice but to strive for higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness across all aspects of their marketing operations in the face of persistently weak spending by consumers and businesses

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One Response to Top Performers Use Five Battle-Ready Marketing Tools

  1. Perry says:

    This looks like a very good list. I find the inclusion of a lead management program to be really comforting. It really means that it does work. It has worked for my debt settlement leads. With it, I was able to generate the kinds of prospects that I want for my business. It also makes it easier for me to track, score, distribute, and nurture my leads.

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