8 Powerful Email Marketing Techniques

Strategies For Improving Your Email Marketing

With the cost of postage increasing again this May, it’s little wonder that businesses are turning toward email as a means of customer communication.  It’s a cost effective option but like anything else, it has its own downsides too.

1. Longer Isn’t Always Better: The trick is to give readers actionable content – information they can use right away to solve a problem.

2. Add Value: Focusing in on how to add value to your email newsletter or email marketing material is imperative.

3. Seperation is Key: Do you subscribe to your competitor’s newsletters and email marketing materials?

4. Welcome Letter Bliss: When someone signs up for your newsletter, orders a product, or requests more information, this is really your opportunity to “wow” them with nice gestures…without being pushy. Coupons, useful content, free offerings, special clubs,  contests and other promotions are great for inclusion in a welcome letter

5. Aim to make your title catchy, realistic, but fun… all at once: A great title instantly tells the user or reader what you, your product, or your service is going to do for them.

6. Create Community: Creating a sense of community around your email marketing. Including simple elements like reader feedback, Q&A, or even a customer spotlight section gives the instant feeling of community around not only your overall brand, but your mailings as well.

7. Brand it Baby!: A well-branded email marketing campaign is one of the most important factors in creating not only a useful newsletter, but also a memorable one.

8. Watch the Pros, and Learn: Set aside at least an hour, and skim through your old email marketing newsletters from other companies in your email inbox.

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