Improving your shopping cart conversion rates

One of the primary areas where retailers regularly lose sales from potential customers is the checkout process.

Enclosing the checkout process is something which is proven to reduce checkout abandonments, but are retailers adopting this approach?

Prior to giving some examples of how some retailers are presenting their checkout process, it is worth summarising some of the main benefits and rationale behind enclosing the checkout process:

  • All unnecessary distractions are removed, such as search functionality and primary navigation, allowing the visitor to focus purely on completing their purchase
  • Information which is key to giving the visitor confidence to complete their purchase is made much more prominent, such as delivery details and customer service contact details
  • Security assurances are made more visible to provide wary visitors with the added confidence that their personal and payment details will be handled securely
  • It is made absolutely clear to visitors where they are within the checkout process and how many steps they have left to complete their purchase

When visitors have made their commitment to start a checkout process with a retailer, the retailer should do everything they can to help them get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. All un-necessary distractions and usability barriers, such as a lack of security assurances and unclear delivery charges, should be eliminated.

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