Site redesign? Ask yourself these five questions

Is your website is receiving traffic, but you are not getting any conversion?
Here are five questions to ask in determining if you may need to redesign your site:

1. Are you reviewing your site stats? This is the place to start. A good stats package gives insight into how people are using your site. When a visitor enters the site, what is the path that they take? If your bounce rate (or the visitors views one page and leaves) is really high, there’s a good chance that people are not finding what they came for. People should be browsing other areas of your site, and ideally taking some action that you drove them to do . . . like filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter. etc.

2. Does the site visually reflect the company? Is your site an extension your brand and why your customers buy from you? Is it integrated with all your marketing materials? Do you give the visitor a feeling of confidence and credibility? With online fraud a major concern, the overall look of a website is a determining factor in whether a visitor believes the site is trustworthy or not. Be sure not to miss 43 web design mistakes you should avoid.

3. What valuable content is in the site? Is the information your visitor looking for on the site? Are you driving traffic to pages that may be misleading or not enough information? Do you have a call to action on the page? Are your keywords for your industry reflected in the content? If the information is not there, your visitors won’t stay. 79% of sites are scanned and not read, is your copy concise and written for the web?

4. Do I have good site usability? Can the visitor find what they are looking for or is there too much going on visually for them to even find it. This can be a problem in sites that are a few years old, multiple users updating or sites that have site architecture that does not meet the needs of the content included. Have a fresh set of eyes take a look at the site, you may be surprised on how difficult some tasks may be on your site

Is the site all Flash, or do you have a splash page? When used for your entire site, it does not encourage the user to interact with your site. If you have a “skip” button on the page, you should probably remove the page. These pages are simply barrier for the search engines and users to get into your site.

5. How do I stack up to my competition? Your site should visually and functionally reflect those of your competitors. Your existing and potential customers may be looking at those site also. Don’t limit yourself to companies that you compete with locally. Look at what similar successful businesses in other cities are doing. Make sure to review best practices in your industry as well.

63% of consumers turn to the Internet first when looking for a local product or service. Your website is accessible by more people than any of your marketing materials. Make your site a priority by keeping it updated.


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