4 reasons ads on social networks are annoying

IDC Research rounded up some interesting– and somewhat disturbing– numbers on how consumers interact with ads on social networking sites. Far and away, users viewed advertising in social networks as the most “annoying” of all online mediums.

1. Advertising on social nets is still new
Users are not used to advertising as part of the experience.

2. Users are engaged not passive
Another interesting find from the IDC study was that consumers actually enjoyed advertising in more “passive” mediums, such as television, magazines and radio.

3. The platforms haven’t figured it out either
The “newness” of advertising in social networks is also obvious in the platforms themselves.

4. Just what IS an ad?
Given the blend of content and advertising that has recently sprouted up across networks, this question becomes more relevant than ever.

The IDC study shows that 73% of U.S. online consumers prefer free content supported by advertising rather than paid content. Also, the study showed that consumers were turned off by ads that disrupted their experience.

Read full article >


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