Considering the tools of social media

When considering the tools of social media and how they relate to your business communications needs, it’s important to think about two parts of the equation: possibility + function. These tools open up new ways to communicate, which is great. It also means that you have to consider what the functional goal of that communication means to your need.

Make The Formula Part of Your Framework

If you’re lucky, your organization is looking for ways to implement social media intelligently and with a strategic purpose. You probably have an integration method in mind, and it might look something like this:

Framework for Onboarding Social Media Elements:

  • Define business goals
  • Determine appropriate potential tools
  • Evaluate tools <– add possibilities+function here
  • Build isolated (shadow) trial for tools
  • Determine integration points
  • Build measurements into existing structure (and/or reporting)
  • Determine marketing (if any) around deployment of tool
  • Deploy the tool
  • Adjust as needed
  • Integrate into standard operations
  • Train as needed
  • Onboarding complete

That’s just a sample onboarding process, but if you’re not building these types of practices into how you integrate social media, you might consider giving that a go. It will help the process all the way around, and builds a level of comfort into people’s acceptance of the tools within your organization.

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