6 Social Media mistakes other people make – and how to avoid them

Internet marketing is complex and it’s becoming more so every day. You can’t do everything, so it is essential that what you do is done well to maximize your investment in time and money.

Social media is all the rage at the moment, and astute business builders realize that business is where the people are. Yes, you can incorporate social media in your marketing strategies. And the fact that most businesses still are not doing so only enhances the value for those that do.

Getting it right is essential. In fact, getting it wrong in this space can be very damaging, so read this list carefully.

1.  Not having a social media plan Every successful campaign needs to have a set of goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve.

> Attract subscriber

> Sell a product or service

> Increase the recognition of your site/brand

> Create a community

The solution If you don’t know what your goals are then neither will your new visitors. Whatever your goals, make sure you adapt the tactics to the strategy, not the other way around.

2.  Not understanding your audience – This is simple and obvious – and yet often forgotten.

The solution Learn about the demographics for any given social website. Each one has their own rules, ethics and, sometimes, their own vocabulary.

3. Not Listening It is inevitable that you will get negative comments as well as positive ones.

The solution If you want to know what people are saying about you or your company, track online discussions and learn from them.

4. Trying to interact with ‘everybody’ Do not try to interact with and respond to all the messages, discussions and tweets available. Be selective. Go deep rather than broad.

The solution Align with peers in your industry. Interact with possible pain points.

5. Social media spamming One of the worse things you can do is to send out your content to completely the wrong people

The solution Don’t spam.

6. Lying and trying to fake it. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

The solution Act normal, collaborate, talk about what you do, about what you like, or dislike, your stories.

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