10 Essential Twitter Tools for Business

Do you use Twitter? That’s a hot question these days. With more than 11 million users, the microblogging service is becoming an incredibly popular networking tool.

Still, most people struggle when it comes to using Twitter effectively. This may be especially true for businesses, which tend to feel pressure to join Twitter, but don’t quite know where to begin. If you want to use Twitter, but aren’t sure how to use it well, these process by using these 10 essential Twitter tools for business may help smooth the learning curve:

1. Tweetdeck

With Tweetdeck, you can not only tweet, reply, direct message, and retweet, but create groups of followers, shorten URLs, send pictures, and execute customized searchesBiggest benefits: Saving time and streamlining Twitter functions.

2. Tweetie / Twitterberry

Tweetie is kind of like a Tweetdeck for your iPhone

TwitterBerry, which is quite similar. Biggest benefit: Having a time-saving Twitter dashboard in your mobile device.

3. Twitt(url)y

Twitt(url)y tracks and ranks URL shared on Twitter by popularity. Biggest benefit: At-a-glance access to the hottest Twitter trends.

4. TwitterFriends

If you Twitter frequently, and Twitter is important for your business, this stats tool will help you take the next step towards becoming a master tweeter. Biggest benefit: Improving the efficiency and efficacy of your Twitter use.

5. SocialWhoIs

SocialWhoIs helps you find out more about people by entering their nickname and social media service. Biggest benefit: Finding new, relevant contacts.

6. TweetGrid

You don’t need to be a Twitter user to cull value from TweetGrid, which lets you follow topics, people, groups, events, and more in real-time on a search dashboard.

7. GroupTweet

Allows users to send tweets that only end up inside a designated group. Biggest benefit: Keeping potentially confidential tweets within a designated group.

8. OutTwit

TwitterMail, a similar service, lets you post tweets and follow replies through Web-based email. Biggest benefit: No need to download, open, or learn a new application to use Twitter.

9. Twellow

Twellow calls itself the Twitter Yellow Pages. Biggest benefit: Finding people to follow who will inform you, teach you, and help your business grow.

10. Follow Cost

How annoying will it be to follow a certain person on Twitter? Follow Cost answers this question for you.

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