Using SEO and Social Media Marketing Together

When a website is listed or bookmarked in one of the social media sites, other users can grade the site and its content. This validates the importance of having relevant and informative copy.

As users comment on blogs and articles, they can add their own links, and increase traffic to their sites. One important component of media marketing is commenting on other sites and becoming active in online communities.

As people visit a site and like what they find, they pass the link on through their own social media sites. This is termed viral marketing. When a site, video, or article goes viral, it means it’s being promoted all over the Internet through people visiting it.

Think of it as a beneficial sort of gossip. One person tells ten friends that a site has something exciting, those ten friends tell ten friends each, each of the 100 new friends tells ten more. A site can be promoted exponentially, much as a virus replicates, hence the term viral marketing.

Launching an Online Media Marketing Campaign

When launching am online media campaign, the first thing to consider is branding. A site should reflect its brand every time it is mentioned, every place on the web.

Another important aspect is to consider what the customer or user of the site needs and wants. When a site meets those needs with relevant articles that reflect the keywords and SEO terms that clients use in a search what happens? It goes up in the search engine ranking.

Invest time and thought into the campaign. Define the goals of what the website needs to be successful, and keep those goals in mind when social networking online. Become educated in search engine strategies and implement them into the campaign. Others are working hard to do the same, and knowledge is today’s competitive edge.

In conclusion, SEO needs social media just as social media needs SEO. For a business to thrive online, the webmaster must become expert in both, and utilize both on a regular basis. Success happens when a site goes viral and finds itself on the first page of the major search engines. The marriage of SEO and social media produces better results than either can alone.

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One Response to Using SEO and Social Media Marketing Together

  1. B Faris says:

    Good post. I would say that content is king. If you don’t have interesting blog posts, video, audio, links, etc, there is no real reason to pass it on. Aside from video, what other forms of content are people passing on?

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