67% of customers open transactional emails

Email Receipts, Confirmations, Tracking Numbers – and Marketing

Customers open around 70 percent of transactional emails. However, these messages usually only contain “just the facts” info like an order receipt, a shipment tracking number, etc. This is a huge opportunity for marketers. However, to successfully capitalize on transactional emails, marketers should incorporate customer behavior and interaction data from across communications channels.

A key enabler for incorporating transactional emails into the cross-channel marketing mix is having a single marketing view of customer and prospect data using a centralized marketing data mart within a marketing platform. By incorporating transactional emails as another communications channel within one marketing system of record for customer and prospect data, organizations can target and segment profiles, keep a detailed track of all past cross-channel marketing interactions, personalize and automate marketing efforts across multiple channels, and accurately measure audience response and effectiveness.

The potential of transactional emails is quickly evolving with availability of new processes and technologies that make it easier for marketing departments to take control over their delivery and design. Incorporating transactional emails into a cross-channel marketing platform can directly improve click-through rates and sales, but more importantly, it is vital to ensuring a completely closed-loop customer experience in which customer’s preferences and needs, regardless of the channel through which they are indicated, are influencing each customer interaction.

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