Top 13 Twitter Don’ts

Want to keep your Twitter followers happy? Avoid these microblogging faux pas.

The number of new Twitter users has soared over the past few months, as the microblogging service has taken the media by storm. If you’re one of those new users, you may be baffled by Twitter’s peculiar culture, or nervous that you’ll commit some kind of microblogging faux pas.

1. Don’t live-tweet TV shows.

2. Don’t say anything that could get you fired or prevent you from getting a job.

3. Don’t be boring.

4. Don’t forget the Twitter lingo: RT is retweet, and @name is how you respond or give props to someone.

5. Don’t tweet more than ten times a day, or more than five times an hour. It gets annoying and takes space and attention away from other Twitterers’ links and observations.

6. Don’t reply to every single tweet.

7. Don’t tweet drunk.

8. Don’t tell us about something cool or life-changing without a link or picture.

9. Don’t retweet something and leave off the original Twitter poster.

10. Don’t ignore people who send you a direct message or a reply #hashtag every topic. After a while, your topics will be ignored.

12. Don’t whine about people not following you, pleads.If you’re good at providing interesting stuff and you’re patient, you’ll get the followers you crave so badly.

13. Don’t tweet your bathroom habits. Seriously. Just don’t do it.

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