10 Golden Rules of Social Media

1. Respect the Spirit of the ‘Net. The Internet was not meant for marketing and selling but for communication and connection to people and information.

2. Listen. Listening thoughtfully gives you a better sense of not only what people are saying but also how they are feeling. The key to successful social media marketing is listening.

3. Add Value. Enter any online conversation with the aim of adding value.

4. Respond. A quick response is more important than ever, and thanks to search tools, alert apps and other services, it is possible to achieve.

5. Do Good Things. Doing good things can really help you to succeed in social media, too.

6. Share the Wealth. In social media, sharing is the fuel of the conversation engine.

7. Give Kudos. Social media works when you are generous.

8. Don’t Spam. And speaking of spam, there is also an ugly surge of spamming in social media, today’s equivalent of unscrupulous email marketers who inundated our email boxes with garbage and left a bad taste in our mouths for email marketing.

9. Be Real. Authenticity is the secret ingredient behind any good and valuable social media marketing campaign.

10. Collaborate. Before you dive into social media for marketing and selling, take a look at who is out there and who is doing it well.

Social media tools are only that — tools. The real energy, spirit and power of social media is people. We are social media.

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