Ten Ways To Decide If Your Business Should Tweet

Here are ten factors you should consider when deciding whether to tweet:

1.Domain squatting
Is there any value for you to register your business name or even real name as a Twitter user name?

2. Brand mentions
Is anyone talking about your actual business already?

3. Topical mentions
Are people on Twitter discussing topics relevant to your business?

4. Location mentions
If your business is based in or focused on a certain city or region, search Twitter to see what people are saying about it.

5. Target audience
If there are lots of relevant mentions, click the user names to see if they look like they could be in your target audience.

6. Competitiveness
Twitter could be a competitive advantage, or a necessary defensive strategy.

7. Sales cycle complexity
How involved is the purchase decision?

8. Purchase frequency
How valuable is it to stay top of mind?

9. Acquisition vs. retention
If most of your business comes from existing customers, then just ask them if they use Twitter and if they’d want to keep in touch with you that way.

10. Bandwidth and resources
Even if your target audience is on Twitter and there are a million reasons to connect with customers there, do you work with anyone who understands Twitter well enough to participate, or can you afford to pay someone else to train you or run your Twitter program?

That’s the long answer. The short answer is, “Are your target customers on Twitter, and do you have the resources to reach them?”

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