10 Words to Use in Your Website Copywriting

Copywriting. It’s the backbone of your website. If you don’t use the right words, you’ll never convert your visitors into paying customers. So, stop focusing on those keywords for a minute, and start focusing on using these 10 results-driven copywriting words.

1. You–This is the most important word in your website copywriting.

2. Free–People love feeling like they’re getting something for nothing. More importantly, people online are wary of losing something to a scam.

3. Guaranteed–Again, online shoppers are more cautious than traditional shoppers.

4. Easy– People love easy.

5. New–New has always been an effective buzzword.

6. Proven–Of course, new means nothing if it isn’t proven.

7. Results– Your potential customers want to know what results they can expect with your product.

8. Save– It’s not always about saving money, especially if you’re marketing yourself as a top-shelf brand.

9. Maximize– Back it up with facts that show how your reader will “maximize” the benefit.

10. Benefit–Tell your readers how they will benefit from using your product.

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