Top 10 To Do’s for Twitter small businesses

If you are a small retail business, here are some tips for setting up Twitter:

1. Use Your Real Name – People know you from your store or business name, use it.

2. Specify Your Location – You want people to stop in, they need to know where you are. If you have multiple locations make sure to list them.

3. Be creative – customize your avatar and Twitter page so it stands out.

4. Check out the competition and listen– use TwitterSearch to find out what others in your industry are doing. But … before you jump in, start following others to see how you can approach the market.

5. Tweet – Post a few related industry posts along with trivia or other business information.

6. Let people know – make sure to promote that you are on Twitter to your customers. Include it on receipts or make a special flyer to include with their purchase.

7. Reward your followers – Give them a special deal for just being your follower. Also encourage them to retweet (RT) and share the savings. This will help grow your followers.

8. Be committed. When you set up your twitter account, make sure to have a plan on how you are going to use it, who is going to update it and what you are going to say.

9. Get Connected. Resources are tight for small businesses. Make sure you download a mobile application so you can update from anywhere.

10. Show your followers. Make sure to use Twitpic, or any other application to upload photos of events, your product, etc.

Be sure to check out 100 Twitter Tools to find other way to help you achieve your goals.

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