Four steps for getting more out of Twitter

In its current State of the Twittersphere report, Hubspot is finding what it calls some “surprising things.” The biggest surprise seems to be that many “Twitterers” aren’t actually using it

  • 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL
  • 75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile
  • 68.68% have not specified a location
  • 55.50% are not following anyone
  • 54.88% have never tweeted
  • 52.71% have no followers

Download TweetDeck – go to and download this free application. It will enable you to manage the conversation from the people you follow and organize them into logical groups.

Sign up with TweetLater – go to and sign up. It will enable you to automatically follow back to those who follow you.

Install BigTweet – BigTweet enables you to distribute interesting information from the web to your followers. Install it on your browser’s toolbar from

Search for people to follow — you can do this either through your Twitter interface or by using a tool like

By establishing a systematic approach to communicating through Twitter, it can become great tool for building that word-of-mouth presence that all marketers are looking for.

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