Eight Ways Microblogging Will Transform Your Company

When Network World selected 9 technologies IT pros should master in 2009, two of them were microblogging platforms: Twitter and Yammer. While most people are familiar with Twitter, relatively few are acquainted with Yammer.

Yammer is an enterprise Twitter that allows co-workers to share what they are working on. Privacy to each company’s Yammer network is assured by limiting access to those with a company email address.

While it isn’t as sexy as Twitter, Yammer will fundamentally improve your company in the following 8 ways.

1. Enhance your corporate culture

Nurturing a culture that motivates and empowers employees can greatly improve organizational productivity.

2. Create user-generated knowledge base and decrease internal emails by 60%

People are constantly emailing each other questions and solutions.

3. Increase productivity

Writing down what you are supposed to be doing helps focus attention on the task at hand

4. Yammer as therapy

It is very satisfying for teams to microblog their daily triumphs.

5. Replace wasted time with team bonding

Your employees are going to spend a certain amount of time socializing at work no matter what you do.

6. Have conversations without meetings

Yammer offers a lot more flexibility. Instead of limiting the discussion to half-hour meetings where you’re locked up in a lifeless conference room, Yammer allows you to have an ongoing conversation you can have with anyone in your company anywhere, anytime.

7. Latest industry news you’ll actually read

Not only get the news from people you trust, it is also a good way to keep track of who are the thought leaders in the company.

8. Amplify the influence of positive role models

Your entire organization can follow and benefit from the wisdom of your best performers.

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