80% of journalists say companies without a website are less credible.

Arketi Group, a high-tech business-to-business public relations and marketing firm, released its 2009 Arketi Web Watch Survey. The survey reveals 68 percent of journalists consider the impact of social media on BtoB reporting to be positive.

A free copy of the findings is available at www.arketi.com/surveys.

“While high-profile social media tools like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are of interest to journalists, our findings indicate BtoB marketers should not discount tried-and-true Internet technology,” said Mike Neumeier, principal of Arketi. “Search engine optimization and building media-friendly websites site remain vital to reaching the business media.”

When asked how journalists use the Internet:

   --  95 percent say search
   --  92 percent say reading news
   --  92 percent say emailing
   --  89 percent say finding story ideas
   --  87 percent say finding news sources
   --  75 percent say reading blogs
   --  64 percent say watching webinars
   --  61 percent say watching YouTube
   --  59 percent say social networks

88% of journalists say they spend 20 or more hours a week on the Internet

85% have a LinkedIn account

55% are on Facebook

24 % tweet on Twitter.

92% of journalists say they get story ideas from news releases

85% turn to industry sources, and an equal number tap PR contacts.

12% have used Twitter to find a source or story idea.

Read full release >


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