5 tips for creating a successful social media campaign

Beyond just tweeting, more and more companies are starting to run social media campaigns to engage with prospects and customers.

It seems that the demand for B2C social media campaigns is high and still growing.  If you are preparing for a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Ning, MySpace, or any other online social community, you might benefit from the advice offered by those gathered at the social media summit.

1. Be very user-centric.
Before you plan your campaign, find out which sites your target audience is visiting, and what they spend most of their time doing.  Design a campaign around the users’ preferences and needs.

2. Communicate with users in their tone instead of a PR tone.
Try to create a relationship with a prospect or customer, don’t feed them PR statements.

3. Make your campaign interesting and engaging by creating contests.
Allow the users to interact with your company and with each other. Give them something to talk about with their friends, because ultimately what you want is for them to become your marketers.

4. Social media campaigns need to be fluid.
You will have to change them frequently (every few weeks) and make adjustments as you go.

5. Build your campaigns to scale.
Be prepared for an explosive growth in hits and plan ahead.

If you do things right, chances are you will get a high response percentage; be ready with an analytics package to measure your campaign’s success.

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