8 Tips of Social Media for Business Sharing

Just as you create branding guidelines and key messaging guides, so too should you dedicate time to creating your social media personality. There are multiple combinations that you can use to increase your brand visibility and converse with your customers.Be transparent and authentic.

1. Be human.
Social media for business is about return on engagement. Connect with people, build opportunities through dialogue which would not have otherwise occurred, then connect them with your business.

2. A profile pic is worth a thousand tweets
A major part of your social media personality is your avatar and your profile bio

3. Leaving a legacy
Think about each message you share via social media as an email which has gone public to your entire organization and all of your stakeholders.

4. Don’t be a social schizo
If you are a business expert one day, a media maven the next and live news feed after that, people will ultimately stop connecting.

5. Social climbing not the best approach
Spending too much time looking for the big fish may take away from an entire school passing you by.

6. It’s not a one-stop shop
Social media isn’t an opportunity to reinvent a new brand, but to widen your brand’s reach.

7. Return on engagement
A few ways to “quantify” engagement: Track incoming traffic from links, Number of people subscribed to RSS feeds, Number of people in social media groups, fan pages, etc., Trackbacks or linkbacks to posts, Conversation tracking tools like Twitter Search, Comments on blog posts and Increased sales and general inquiries.

8. Best advice? Don’t take anyone else’s advice
Learn some of the social media fundamentals, then apply and find what works best for you.

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