10 SEO Tips For Website Images and Better Sales Conversion

Most websites and particularly e-commerce sites  have lots of images but few actually optimise them for search engine indexing. However the images should also be optimised for human visitors to help drive more sales conversions.

Google not only looks at the text on your blog in order to rate your site, but that Google bot will also take a look at the code you use in your image files.

1. Use Meaningful Image and Folder Names
Be sure to change these to natural human readable descriptions – that is a key factor in achieving better image search engine optimization.

2. Increase Your Image Size And Density:

Many images are too small and poor in quality to persuade shoppers to click on them. It is better to have fewer choices and larger images

3. Show your products in Context:
Photos that show products in use lift conversion rates by 147%

4. Use Descriptive Alt Tags:
The most important job of the alt tag is to explain to a bind user what an image is displayed on the page. Search engine spiders are also blind at images, they can’t read the text or object that is printed in an image. The alt tag deciphers what the image is for or what it is representing.

5. Use Descriptive Anchor Text
Use relevant text around your images.

6. Use Title Case
That’s where the first letter in each description is capitalized)

7. Optimize Images for Social Media
Stick to jpg format and make sure the images can be resized to 160×120 or 160×160 pixels

8. Use Video Where Appropriate
Product videos can capture more angles and have a proven ability to boost product sales by answering customers questions and concerns.

9. Use jpeg Image Format
The .jpg image format is best suited for images that have a wide range of colors where there aren’t sharp transitions or fine edges.

10. Use This Free Tool To Identify SEO Image Problems
Image Analyzer will highlight images without alt text, long image names and much more. Because image optimisation is essential for successful SEO, image analysers are an absolute must.

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