How To Integrate Social Technologies with Virtual Events

To be successful, virtual –and real world events must have a strategy that integrates social technologies, before, during, and after

Traditional Online Events Vendors Recognize Impacts of Social
Virtual events, where companies host attendees through a digital online experience, continue to captivate marketers.  It’s good for attendees, as they can experience a virtual online event event during an economic downturn, and continue to rely on virtual events for making decisions.   As virtual events continue to grow, expect them to tightly integrate social technologies.

Three Principles Of Modern Events
1. To be successful, virtual –and real world– event planners must abide by the following principles:
2. Events should integrate with existing communities and social networks where they exist.
3. Events should have a strategy that includes the before and after –not just during.

The audience can assert control over the event, so encourage audience participation and know when to get out of the way.
Planners must develop a Pre, During, and Post strategy that integrates social.Today, event planners only think of the fixed event that occurs in a day, they often overlook that a community talks, discusses, and chatters before, during and after an event. They should:
Have a “before’ strategy. Use social tools before an event to increase signups by first locating where their target community is, and use social tools to reach them. Encourage members to tweet and share an event before it occurs, they should create events in Facebook so it triggers updates on the newsfeed.

Integrate existing social tools during an event, thereby increasing interaction. During the event, organizers should be monitoring the social web and chat rooms to see how the crowd is reacting –be ready to react in real time.

Follow up using social tools to aggregate and identify opportunities. Event planners shouldn’t quit once the event is over, the opportunity to further relationships is at hand.

In the Future, Virtual Events Must Integrate Social
• Virtual events will integrate with existing social networks. Virtual events will need to deploy in Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and Twitter communities, allowing them to login and register with their accounts on those platforms –and then message on these platforms.

• Virtual Events won’t be a limited duration, but will become a persistent experience. Today, virtual events are often a limited duration experience

• Integrate with existing corporate communities. Expect virtual event vendors to develop partnerships with community platform vendors

Event planners will need to measure their influence on the social web. Assign team members to monitor and track occurrence

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