Corporations Accept Social Media Slowly

It’s been quite a year for Facebook. Not only has the social networking site taken the top spot as the largest social media site in the world.

According to Financial Times, Facebook’s monthly visitors consists of 340 million unique users on average, and Facebook claims that:

“…83 of the top 100 advertising spenders in the US, as ranked by the research group AdAge, use its site. This group includes Johnson & Johnson, Nike and AT&T.”

It’s fantastic that Facebook has been able to lure large corporate clients to advertise on the site. Most corporations were originally hesitant to advertise on social media sites for numerous reasons, including:

• No awareness/understanding of social media
• No social media strategy
• Perceived lack of control
• Stuck in traditional media mode
• Personnel are “over-worked”
• Don’t understand the benefits
• Fear of mistakes
• Will promote an overly casual or lenient work environment
• No ROI/measurability
For companies that have not yet made the leap, it is suggested that “slow” is a good speed for integrating social media into your advertising plans. Start with a blog on the corporate website, and use this as the base of your social media plan. As the blog is read by company employees, ask for feedback. Great ideas don’t always come from boardrooms.

Also realize that social media is based on a pull strategy. This means engaging in conversations with your target audience or consumers on a one-to-one basis, or one-to-few basis. Large companies are often viewed by outsiders as mindless entities run by automatons, but social media gives these companies the opportunity to develop an online personality (brand) that interacts with the rest of the community.

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One Response to Corporations Accept Social Media Slowly

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