3 Reasons to keep LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter updates separate

Social media sites are converging. Now you can easily update Facebook and Twitter at the same time, or LinkedIn and Twitter, or… You get the idea. Speed and simplicity are wonderful, but what about communication?  While Ping.fm and the like are helpful in updating, is that the best strategy for you?

Here are three Reasons to keep them separate …
1. Quality over Quantity
It is not necessarily about number of posts but knowing your audience and providing relevant content while creating the conversation. Also each social medium has a different tolerance for the amount of updates.  Know your audience and social media site.

2. Repetition
If you are connected to someone on more than one social media site, the exact same update is sent.  And while you may have different people on LinkedIn vs. Facebook vs. Twitter … you want to make sure that they are not getting the exact same message on each.

3. Relevance
In short, twitter is about the conversation, Facebook is about sharing and LinkedIn is about connections.  Make sure your audience is getting a targeted message.  Also, it is not really appropriate to see the @ symbol outside of twitter . . .


The bottom line …

1. Identify your strategy on how you are going to use each of the tools.

2. Target your audience with a relevant message resulting in a better return on the time invested.

3. Leverage each of the social media tools individually.

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