5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Twitter users can now organize users they follow into groups, or lists. allows you to group the stream of messages from a specific set of users and isolate them in a separate time line.

Lists make it easier to follow the messages that flow through your account by categorizing them into various topics that you create. Twitter allows you to have 20 lists with a maximum of 500 persons per list.

How To Create Twitter Lists
Create a list by selecting “create new list” in the right sidebar.  By visiting your “following” page next to the username use the drop down menu allowing you to add that person to a particular list.

Create lists consisting of:

  • Competitors
  • Clients
  • Prospects
  • Friends
  • News
  • Industry Thought Leaders

What Lists To Follow and Who Has You Listed
In the right sidebar of your Twitter homepage , there are two tabs “lists following you” and “lists you follow”. You’ll also see other lists that twitter user has made and an option to block the Twitter user entirely.

Here are 5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists:
1. Access to Experts. Feed tweets into meaningful real-time experiences. OPEN Forum does a great job of this for small businesses.

2. Manage Who You Are Following Feed tweets into meaningful real-time experiences. New York Times has its featured and curated lists that make it easy to access the information.

3. Industry News Monitoring. Breaking news, trends and information

4. Job Search.  If your looking for a job, set up a list of companies for which you would like to work. Also include executive search contacts so you can keep on top of what jobs are available.

5. Private Lists.  Putting an account in a List doesn’t mean you are following them.  This is a useful tool for people who may post too frequently or that you don’t want to show up in your stream.

Check out tools like:
List Widget let you create a collaborative widget. Once you enter your information to customize it, you can see what people are tweeting about. There are other tools like

Looking for lists?
Listorious is a directory of lists on Twitter.

Ultimately, the value of any Twitter feature is only as great as the community of users makes it.


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