5 Warning Signs of a Weak Social Media Strategy

Engaging your brand in social media is easier said than done. There are many factors to consider when executing an effective social media strategy. Instead of watching the train wreck hurt your brand, here are warning signs of a weak social media strategy that you need to be aware of before things really get bad:

1) Lack of Focus on a Few Social Networks
2) No Responsibility for Executing Social Media Activities
3) Daily Tasks are Not Aligned with Social Media Strategy
4) Metrics Are Not Being Measured

5) There is No Social Media Strategy in the First Place!!
Ask yourself/your team, “do we really have a social media strategy?” If you’re not honest about this, all of your hard work will mean nothing. If you don’t have a social media strategy, stop putting it off and get started.

Components to consider:
Why are you participating in social media? Exposure? Sales? Creating bonds with your clients?
What’s the expected ROI? Are you expecting too much too early?
What’s the content strategy? What will you post? Why are you posting that content? How is the content aligned with the reason why you’re on social media?

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