Social Media In Big Business

June 29, 2010

A new infographic compiles social data from the Fortune 100 global company index across the four major social platforms in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs. One of the most interesting statistics to come out of this chart is that 65% of the worlds top 100 companies has a twitter account, now that in its self might not be all that surprising, but in comparison to Facebook (54%), YouTube (50%) and blogs (33%) that’s a serious number considering the length of time that Facebook, YouTube and Blogs have been around comparability to Twitter.

On a percentage scale across all 4 social mediums, it’s interesting to not that only 20% of the worlds top 100 companies are using all four platforms to engage their followers, fans and workers.
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Twitter Announces Location Based Tweet Tags

June 15, 2010

Twitter is officially in the geo-location game. Yesterday it announced the roll out of its Twitter tweet tagging service which will give the location of where you are tweeting from to those interested in knowing those things about you.

Other features include Foursquare and Gowalla integration, API functionality for the service and browser capabilities that include Safari, IE, Firefox and Chrome. The service will be available in 65 countries over the next week or so and is being developed for Twitter apps for the iPhone, Android devices and the Blackberry.

Fueling the Momentum of Your Facebook Fan Page

June 3, 2010

Not every company has unlocked the code to success on Facebook, but those that follow these four critical steps are more likely to reap rewards:

1) develop a strategy
2) create a solid presence
3) motivate your fans to take action
4) use Facebook to amplify other campaigns, promotions and marketing activities.

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Facebook: Facts You Didn’t Know

June 2, 2010

Chances are good you have a Facebook profile. Chances are even better that, if you do have an account, you check it at least once a day. You might be a professional Farmviller or the President of 100 Facebook groups, but do you really know Facebook and what you’ve gotten yourself into?

Facebook: Facts You Didn't Know
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21 Unique Location Case Studies from Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and MyTown

June 1, 2010

Location based social networks are  the current darling of social media. Foursquare is leading the way with what seems like a new Fourtune 500 endorsement each week. It is unclear where all these tools will lead us. Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and even MyTown are getting a lot of attention and a lot of businesses, big and small, are experimenting.

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