People 50 and older are growing fast on social networks

August 30, 2010

According to a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, social-networking use by those 50 years old and up has nearly doubled in the last year.

The rapid growth of older users in social media could have a long-term effect on the development of those services, and on the approaches by various industries who use social media for marketing and sales.

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Moms Want More Mobile Coupons

August 22, 2010

If you’re looking to reach parents by mobile messaging, send them grocery coupons and more than 50% of them will be happy to accept. That comes from a survey which was conducted by Harris Interactive and it showed that parents with children are more interested in receiving mobile text alerts from merchants than those without kids.

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More Than Half Of Companies Say They Are Using Social Media With No Strategy

August 13, 2010

This is not a surprise but not wise . . . hard to gauge success of your efforts without a baseline and metrics in place.

While 78% percent of corporate respondents say their company is using social media, only 41% say they have a strategic plan in place to guide such activity, according to a new study from marketing firm Digital Brand Expressions.

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Eight Success Criteria for Facebook Marketing

August 12, 2010

According to the Altimeter Group’s report “The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing“, in 2010, the top priority for 45% of senior marketers worldwide involved social networks and applications. After surveying over 30 vendors, agencies and experts to “determine success criteria and develop a roadmap for Facebook page best practices”, their evaluation discovered that nearly half of the brands they surveyed didn’t engage fully or leverage the social features to help in developing an effective word of mouth campaign.

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Simple Linking Strategies for Better SEO

August 2, 2010

For many small business sites, the homepage gets the most attention and is optimized the most. As such, the homepage is the one that search engines will most often link to. But by creating content-rich, properly formatted internal SEO links on other pages, you indicate to the spiders that these other pages are equally important.

This can mean that more of your pages will be indexed, that more of your key phrases show up in search engine results and that those pages will get ranked higher.

So, how do you create these valuable, internal links? Follow these easy steps …

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