Which Industries are Using Social Media – And Which Social Media Do They Use?

A recently-released report by Hubspot looked at 33 industries to determine where the online activity for a common keyword was for each industry – was it in search engines, on blogs or on social media?

It turns out, there are some distinct differences, depending on the industry. According to the report, online activity is centered on:

Social media – for non-profits, consulting, oil, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, restaurants, transportation
Search engines – for travel, insurance, cell phones, banking, airlines, real estate, video games
Blogs – for government, the movies, music, fashion, marketing, healthcare
Another key issue the report looked at was which social media sites were used more for which industries.  Looking at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube (which Hubspot says are the 4 largest social media sites), the report found that references to the following industries are more prevalent on certain social sites than others:

LinkedIn – consulting, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, advertising, banking, publishing
Twitter – oil, spa, insurance, hotel, lawyer, fashion
YouTube – video games, music, healthcare
Facebook – cell phone, movie, restaurant, travel

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3 Responses to Which Industries are Using Social Media – And Which Social Media Do They Use?

  1. aaalocksmith says:

    Social marketing is a tough thing for us. We are a local locksmith company, AAA Locksmith and have been trying to get in on facebook and twitter. But there is only so much that we can do. It is pretty boring to people that are not interested in locks. We have tried Linkedin and Mantra, but are running out of ideas!
    Thank you for the post.

    • It really depends on how you are using it . . doesn’t have to be boring. I would be curious to understand how much of your business is emergency vs the other markets as that is a top of mind service unlike the others.

      The first place that I typically look is a website, when you drive people back to it, does it have the information that they are looking for and can they easily find it. I would be happy to talk with you.

      • aaalocksmith says:

        Our website is http://www.aaa-locksmith.com. I believe it is a pretty extensive website. We are trying to be as informative as possible. Our goal, on facebook for example, is to inform people about lockmsith issues, such as lock bumping and other things. Again, it is pretty boring material.
        It is hard for me since I do not know how to make the topic more appealing… when you hear the word locksmith, what description do you get? Not something exciting for sure!
        Anyhow, I hit a wall and do not know what to do.
        Thank you for responding and thank you for your opinions! =)

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