Roundup of recent statistics about the Internet and social media

October 22, 2010
  • Percentage of global 100 companies that use at least one form of social media: 86
  • Percentage of Fortune 100 companies that use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs: 20
  • Average number of social media platforms used by marketers in 2006: 1
  • In 2009: 8
  • Rank of Twitter among social networks with oldest user demographic: 5
  • Rank of 1
  • Rank of Friendster: 16
  • Percentage of online shoppers who have “fanned” or “friended” at least one online retailer: 56
  • Percentage of U.S. small businesses that have a company page on a social networking site: 75

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The 10 next social media trends

October 20, 2010

Social media still dominates headlines as the new direction for business marketing, but it seems many businesses are resisting the call. A recent survey by Optus found that only 28% of small businesses used social media to promote their business, while 56% had no near-term plans to start.

It’s an understandable response. Just as they begin to understand the concepts of social media marketing, something new comes along and changes everything. Businesses that have barely come to grips with blogging and Facebook must also now contend with Twitter, Foursquare and a host of other new technologies and services.

Here are 10 of the latest trends to hit the social media landscape.

RIP micro-sites

Shopping goes social, online

Making use of what’s out there

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Increase your online marketing ROI by using video to market your business

October 18, 2010

Are you using video to market your business? If not, you’re going to be lost in a sea of search results and all the time, effort and money that you’ve put into your online marketing won’t be getting the return you were hoping for.

Why video?
•  All the traffic is going to video. By 2013, 90 percent of all web traffic will be video.
•  Google gives videos valuable real estate. Since Google purchased YouTube, they’ve given video’s some coveted top space in the search engines.

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64% of CEOs Not Bothering With Social Media Engagement

October 15, 2010

97% communicated either through traditional or online channels
64% are NOT engaged through company websites or in social media
36% engaged through company websites or in social media
28% posted letter or message on company websites
18% incorporated video/podcast on company websites or YouTube channels
16% have a profile on Twitter (8%), Facebook (4%), MySpace (4%) or LinkedIn (4%)

The study also found that the CEOs of the most admired of the 50 were more actively engaged online (41%) those companies that had mediocre reputations (28%). That begs the question: do these companies have better reputations because the CEO is more active on social media, or because these companies have great reputations, the CEO feels safer engaging social media?

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Burson-Marsteller Fortune Global 100 Social Media Study

October 6, 2010

With this study from  sample was the companies on the Fortune Global 100 list. The sample breaks down as follows:
• 29 U.S. companies
• 48 European companies
• 20 Asia-Pacific companies
• 3 Latin American companies.

Interesting stats:
Most Global Companies Use At Least One Social Media Platform More than one-half (79%) of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 index are using at least one of the social media platforms

Not Many Global Companies Use all Platforms Simultaneously Only 20% of the major international companies are utilizing all four platforms to engage with stakeholders.

Global Companies Find Value from Engaging in Social Media Twitter is the most popular social media tool among Fortune Global 100 companies, with almost two-thirds (65%) having a presence on the social network.

Over 70% in the U.S. and Europe Have Twitter Presence Almost two-thirds (65%) of the Fortune Global 100 have Twitter accounts, including similar percentages in the U.S. (72%) and Europe (71%).

Over Half of Fortune Global 100 Companies Have Facebook Fan Pages U.S. companies are the most prominent on Facebook, with over two-thirds (69%) having fan pages.

U.S. Companies are Most Likely to Have YouTube Channels Fifty-nine percent of U.S. companies in the Fortune Global 100 have YouTube channels compared with 52% in Europe, 35% in Asia-Pacific and 33% in Latin America.

Blogs Are More Popular In Asia-Pacific One-third of the Fortune Global 100 companies have active blogs.

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Effective Twitter for Business in 15 Minutes a Day

October 5, 2010

If there were a single piece of advice I could give company execs who are trying to use Twitter as part of their marketing tool set, I’d say … Be mindful of your time.

The time you spend is valuable, and if you were to assign your hourly rate to everything you do each day, spending an hour or more on Twitter starts to get pricey.

1. Follow any new followers from the previous day

2. Set up 3 to 4 retweets of things that fit your area of expertise.

3. Set up another 3 or 4 unique, original tweets of your own and schedule them.

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51% of those reached by a company on Twitter are more likely to do business with you.

October 1, 2010

There has been a lot of debate whether time spent with social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, will help drive more customers for small businesses.

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