The Most Powerful Part of Social Media That you’re NOT Using

Social media is good for a lot of things: building relationships, finding and spreading news, marketing, a good laugh, keeping up with your friends and family and a host of other things, but there is another aspect of social media that most businesses aren’t using. In fact I could argue and you could argue that it’s the most powerful part of social media that most businesses aren’t using. It’s this missing piece that could be the difference your business has been looking for, the competitive edge that could push you over the top and allow you to grab market share.

Since the onset of marketing, marketers have looked at it as a way to get their product or service seen or heard but unfortunately have completely ignored the real reason why marketing works or doesn’t work… it’s people! Granted, marketing is a way to build awareness but it’s the dialogue that’s happening between people that will dictate whether or not your marketing efforts work or don’t work. In other words, the real marketing gold here is mined from the people of your community, are you listening to what they are saying?

In a post I came across, written by Ross Mayfield, he shares with us a model for understanding how enterprises are assimilating the knowledge learned from listening to the conversations surrounding their business.

  • 1% of customer conversations are assimilated as organizational knowledge
  • 9% of customer conversations touch the organization, but no learning occurs
  • 90% of customer conversations never touch the organization

Read full article >


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