Improving site design for a better user experience

Having understanding of how the 80/20 rule works, designers are equipped to take action in a number of ways, summarized below:

• Where possible, analyze analytics and usability data carefully to determine your website’s 20% most-used functions
• Prioritize; that is, focus on the most important aspects of your website or web app, and enhance those
• Don’t spend too much time optimizing stuff that falls in the 80% that’s not often used
• Simplify your designs and layouts based on data that determines what falls under the 20% most-used functions
• Remove noncritical functionality or content that’s not used often
• Don’t invest too much time and money optimizing lesser-used functionality since the return on your investment will likely be poor
• Find ways to improve the functionality and design of lesser-used more critical elements that could have a larger impact on conversions if those elements of the design were used more often

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