Does Social Media Belong in Marketing or Customer Service?

Technology is moving faster than the speed of light, changing how we connect with people. Social media has grown into a world-wide phenomenon. People are more mobile, yet remain as accessible as when prime time consisted of three channels. Unfortunately, accessible doesn’t equal easy access. Reaching customers and prospects is much harder today because they have more choices.

Welcome to the world of micro-marketing.

If you thought multichannel marketing was hard, hold on to your hat. Those channels that began as an alternate to traditional venues are now fragmented into mini-channels. Your customers and prospects are scattered all over the place and it is your job to find them.

Social media is the best example of how one channel can have thousands of customer access points. New platforms and networks are appearing daily. Some won’t gain traction, but all have the potential of effecting how and where you reach your customers and prospects.

Your ecommerce access is splintering, too. While people can always connect with you on your website, their attention is split by alternative shopping venues. It’s a virtual town with shopping centers all over the place. Multiple locations for your business increase your access to people. It also increases your costs and workload.

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