5 Ways To Know If Your B2B Employees are Social Media-Ready

Customer service continues to be a major social media initiative for B2B companies, but not every customer service rep is ready to represent your company or brand online. Social profiles are usually managed by marketing, public relations or even an outside agency, and often customer service personnel are charged with responding to product issues and service inquiries.

Studies have shown that people who complain on social channels are already dissatisfied with the response they received through traditional service channels (phone and email). This means that online responses need to be carefully composed to effectively answer the customer. While it is sometimes necessary to take the conversation offline, it can also be important for others to see the details of the situation. Frequently customer service reps are familiar with the customer and their issues, so it is less about solving the problem, and more about discussing it in a public space.

The following five points can help evaluate who in a customer service department can be initially responsible for creating and posting responses on social profiles.

Read more: http://socialmediab2b.com/2011/05/b2b-employees-social-media-ready/#ixzz1MFADfqil

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